The program's greatest asset....the four legged therapists. The horses of B.O.K. are considered service animals, such as a seeing-eye dog, police horse, or police dog. Unlike a typical riding barn which is centered and focused on the horses, the B.O.K. Ranch is centered and focused on the people it serves. The very special horses that live here are extremely powerful tools to reach so many individual lives on a daily basis. It is the belief and philosophy of The B.O.K. Ranch that if the horses receive great care that they will in turn take great care of the riders.


To become a BOK Ranch riding horse is no easy feat. Every horse that is fully accepted into the program must first go through a rigorous testing process. This involves temperament testing, movement and soundness checks, barn visits, interviews with people who know the horse, and veterinary checks.


Every horse that lives in the B.O.K. Ranch barn has an individual owner. Every owner is ultimately responsible for the wellbeing and overall care of their horse(s). While in the care of the BOK Ranch, the program maintains all of the day to day care and upkeep of the horses.


Do you have a horse that you are interested in selling or donating to the BOK Ranch? Click here to view an equine criteria test put out by the American Hippotherapy Association. If your horse scores well on this test, we would love to talk to you! Please contact the office at (650) 366-2265.



Idgie Threadgoode

Idgie Threadgoode, "Idgie", is by far one of the most trustworthy horses that has crossed B.O.K. Ranch’s path. Her resume in the therapeutic riding world is very impressive. Idgie is a 23 year old Quarter Horse Mare who has a unique blue eye. Although Idgie protests being put away in her paddock she couldn’t possibly enjoy going out for rides any more than she already does. If given the choice Miss Idgie would be walking around the horse park day and night. Idgie spent many years as a therapeutic riding horse for an East Bay riding center before becoming the carriage driving horse for the Fremont school for the blind. Since Idgie’s drivers had visual impairments she relied on the instructors voice commands to navigate her way. Idgie will be the center of the B.O.K. Ranch therapeutic driving program as well as a riding horse.

Idgie is sponsored by Harris.



What a CUTIE! B.O.K. Ranch couldn’t be happier about once again owning a Fjord. Nellik is a 14 year old Norwegian Fjord mare, who is proudly owned by B.O.K.’s founder, Ann Kulchin. Nellik’s mother was used as a therapeutic riding horse and her disposition was so good, her owners decided to breed her. The result…Nellik. In Norwegian, the name Nellik means Pink Carnation. Miss Nellik now has a brand new bright pink halter and lead rope to go along with her name and her bubbly personality. Nellik has a very broad base, sturdy frame, tremendous strength, and fluid movements, this makes her an ideal mount for many of B.O.K.’s children and adult riders alike. Nellik’s favorite past times are eating and hanging out with friends. She can easily fit into any herd situation, adapting easily to any new situation that is put in front of her.

To learn more about Fjords, visit the NFHR website.

Nellik needs a sponsor - click here to learn how to sponsor her!



Montana is an 21 year old, half Quarter Horse, half Clydesdale gelding. He was born at the Running M Ranch in Montana. He has an “M” brand on his right shoulder from his birth place. Montana was originally bred to be a carriage horse, but his breeders decided he was to colorful and trained him to be a riding horse instead. He has had experiences in many different genres of riding, including: roping, dressage, hunting, jumping, driving, vaulting, and is Parelli trained. Montana loves hugs and kisses and his best friend is Chase.

Montana is sponsored by Boardwark Chevrolet, Nissan, Volkswagen, Lotus, Mazda & Bayport Plaza LLC.



Chase is a 19 year old, half Thoroughbred, half Clydesdale gelding. Chase is not an American native, he moved to the states from his birth place in Canada as a youngster, where he was known as the Gentle Giant. Chase is a big horse with a lot of heart who is always very eager to please his riders. Chase is Parelli trained, played in the Los Altos Hunt, and has worked through his 1st level dressage tests. Chase is always first in line when it’s time to pass out treats, his favorite food is carrots and his best friend is Montana.

Chase is sponsored by Boardwark Chevrolet, Nissan, Volkswagen, Lotus, Mazda & Bayport Plaza LLC.


Honey Bunny

They don't come much sweeter than this lady. Honey Bunny is owned by a long time Woodside horse owner and San Mateo County Horsemen's Association Board of Directors' member. Honey Bunny is a 23 Quarter Horse mare and the only Buckskin colored horse in the barn. Honey Bunny is one of the newest additions to the BOK Ranch equine line up. She is a simple, push-button, horse that comes with an instruction manual. Honey Bunny's personal philosophy follows the Golden Rule. She treats everyone just as she herself would want to be treated. This little mare is predicable and tolerant and a great mount for fearful or beginner riders.

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Tully is a 17 year old, imported Irish Sport Horse. Born in Ireland, Tully came to America as a youngster to compete in the Hunter/Jumper world. Tully is now officially the largest horse in our barn, standing at about 17.2 hands. This guy has been great for our larger riders, Tully carries adults with special needs, US military veterans, and teenagers with ease. He is safe and sound both in the arena and out on the trail. Tully has a very long stride and provides a ton of movement to his riders, giving each one of them a real workout.

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Daisy is a 20 year old Quarter Horse/Welsh Pony Cross. She is currently the only pony in the barn, which means she gets a ton of love and attention. Standing at 14.2 hands she is the perfect size for our youngest riders. Daisy moved to the Horse Park at Woodside in approximately 2012 and lived in a training barn, although Daisy stayed the same, her owner got taller and taller over the years, finally out growing Daisy. Daisy remains under the ownership of her beloved rider and owner who decided BOK Ranch would be the perfect place for her childhood pony to send some of her pre-retirement years. With the addition of Daisy to our herd, we now have the perfect sized horse for every rider.

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Dusty is a 19 year old Red Roan, Quarter Horse gelding. He has quite an interesting history indeed. Before coming to BOK Ranch, Dusty was a privately owned horse that was used in Civil War reenactments. Never before in BOK's long history have we had a horse with this experience background before. Calm, cool, and collected is an understatement when it comes to Mr. Dusty's core personality. Since he has been exposed to muskets and cannons there is likely nothing at BOK that would ever phase him. Dusty is a great confidence builder who takes excellent care of his riders.

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"Down Pat" is the registered name of the beloved horse known as Patty. Patty didn't have very far to travel to get to her home at BOK Ranch, as she already lived within the Horse Park at Woodside. Patty is a 17 year old, Quarter Horse & Hanoverian Cross. She is a beauty with quite an impressive show career record, with more blue ribbons to count. Patty is patient and will stand for hours while little girls braid her tail and put a million ribbons in her hair. Patty has what we call a "go button". This means that she will be as quiet as can be for an inexperience or nervous new rider, but she can flip a switch and turn up the speed and energy level when asked by an experienced rider. Patty has a little something for everyone.

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Cody is an old cowboy at heart. For more than half of Cody's life he has been owned by the same family. He has herded cattle, taken place in Mounted Patrol events, gymkhana playdates, and has been used as a trail horse. Cody is a 19 year old, Quarter Horse gelding. He is sweet and good natured and takes great care of his riders, always putting his best foot forward. Cody does a great job helping to build his rider's confidence with his steady and non-reactive personality. Cody is very versatile and enjoys being ridden in all disciplines both in the arena and out on the trail. At 15 hands, Cody is big enough for an adult rider but still small enough to carry BOK's youngest riders.




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In memoriam...



The end of an era.

The Norwegian Fjords Zeke and P.J. were the founding horses of the B.O.K. Ranch

"The Boys" arrived at B.O.K. from the same farm in Illinois in 1984.  Though often confused for brothers (all Fjords share the same markings, though their coloring can vary), they were actually not closely related.  P.J., born on February 8, 1980, was then known as "Ryvar".  Zeke, born on May 17, 1981, was "Vilar".

P.J., often considered the more stubborn of the two, was a good mount for "active" riders, as he had smooth gaits and ignored unintentional leg and hand movements.  Zeke, "the gentleman", was more sensitive, with animated gaits ideal for riders needing more stimulation.

Even as new horses joined the herd P.J. and Zeke remained the backbone of the program, slowing down only slightly as they got older.  It was only after over twenty years of loyal service with B.O.K. that they retired; P.J. traveled to Jamie's farm in Colorado in July of 2006, and Zeke retired a year later to sunny Paso Robles with Leslie, rejoining Shale.

After a year and a half of happy retirement, P.J. was sadly put down on December 1st, 2007, after he was unable to recover from a sudden, severe colic.  Zeke joined him on January 31, 2008, when he was put down following a brave battle with a rare cancer.

They are deeply missed.