Becoming a B.O.K. Ranch riding horse is no easy feat. Every horse that is accepted into the program must first pass through a rigorous evaluation. This involves temperament testing, barn visits, and veterinary checks.

Every horse at B.O.K. Ranch has an owner and a supporter. Owners are responsible for their horse(s) well-being and over all care. B.O.K. Ranch provides the day-to-day care like feeding and general upkeep of the horses. The horse supporters help with the costs of the day-to-day care. To learn more about supporting a horse at B.O.K. Ranch, please see Support Opportunities.


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Sponsored by Jamie and Kathy Kopf


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In memoriam…the end of an era.

The Norwegian Fjords Zeke and P.J. were the founding horses of the B.O.K. Ranch

“The Boys” arrived at B.O.K. from the same farm in Illinois in 1984.  Though often confused for brothers (all Fjords share the same markings, though their coloring can vary), they were actually not closely related.  P.J., born on February 8, 1980, was originally known as “Ryvar”.  Zeke, born on May 17, 1981, was originally named “Vilar”.

P.J., often considered the more stubborn of the two, was a good mount for “active” riders, as he had smooth gaits and ignored unintentional leg and hand movements.  Zeke, “the gentleman”, was more sensitive, with animated gaits ideal for riders needing more stimulation.

Even as new horses joined the herd, P.J. and Zeke remained the backbone of the program, slowing down only slightly as they got older.  It was only after over twenty years of loyal service with B.O.K. that they retired; P.J. traveled to Jamie’s (B.O.K.’s webmaster) farm in Colorado in July of 2006, and Zeke retired a year later to sunny Paso Robles.