Vocational Program

Enrollment Packet

Preparing Neurodivergent Young Adults for School-to-Work Transition

Program Philosophy

Ask any parent what they want for their child

and the answer is always the same … happiness and a fulfilled life.

This doesn’t change when your child becomes an adult.

A job can provide a sense of pride, accomplishment and fulfillment.  For parents of neurodivergent teens and young adults, finding the right job or simply knowing what that job might be, is not always easy.  Most high schools emphasize college preparation rather than workforce readiness. B.O.K. Ranch offers individuals a bridge between the traditional school environment and the “next step” in life by supporting and helping identify strengths, interests, abilities, specific goals and objectives. 

Working in B.O.K. Ranch’s richly supportive equine based environment, provides the skills (or a plan for gaining them) needed to succeed in the workplace. This makes it possible to reach the goal of a happy and fulfilled life.

How does it work?

Working with horses and stable management naturally lends itself to improving a person’s daily self-help skills. These skills include:

  • Daily Living
  • Personal grooming
  • Appropriate workplace clothing
  • Appropriate workplace behavior and etiquette
  • Time Management
  • Using a time card
  • Arriving to work on time
  • Calling in when sick
  • Requesting time off
  • Communication
  • Following and giving directions accurately
  • Understanding and processing information
  • Requesting or offering assistance
  • Communicating information
  • Social and Interpersonal
  • Knowing when and when not to socialize on the job
  • Knowing appropriate topics for discussion in the workplace
  • Learning social problem-solving techniques
  • Knowing appropriate interaction with coworkers
  • Recognizing personal and professional boundaries


This program is similar to typical vocational programs, but with a twist. All activities are explored in our outdoor ranch setting.

This program isn’t designed to prepare participants for a career in the equine industry. Instead, the beautiful natural setting of the B.O.K. Ranch allows participants to gain an understanding of themselves, their abilities, interests, and values. They gain an understanding of the world of work and acquire effective decision-making skills that lead to making realistic and informed decisions about work.

Practice makes perfect! So true for many things and taking care of horses is no exception. As participants follow recipe cards for each horse to prepare their meals 3 times a day, an inherent executive function is performed. Taking care of the animals, making sure they are receiving proper nutrition and a balanced diet, following step by step instructions and following through to the end of the task builds a sense of responsibility and promotes teamwork.

For 39 years, B.O.K. Ranch has encouraged and helped people:

  • Increase Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  • Work effectively in teams
  • Cooperate with peers and supervisors
  • Read non-verbal body language and social cues
  • Build organizational and decision making skills
  • Improve spatial awareness
  • Enjoy physical exercise and the benefits of being in nature.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Able to function successfully in a 1:4 instructor to participant ratio
  • Have basic reading and writing skills
  • Have reliable transportation

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