Full Inclusion Riding Lessons

If you are interested in riding at BOK Ranch, please consider our Stable Eq program. We are enrolling now.

Riding Lessons

All of B.O.K. Ranch’s Full Inclusion Riding Lessons are neurodiverse group lessons. The maximum number of riders in a class is four. During each lesson, riders are taught how to work together as a team with their horse and with their classmates.

EqAbility Lessons

EqAbility lessons are maximum support classes for riders who require two side walkers (a person on both the right and left side of the horse) and a horse handler (a person walking at the head of the horse). Riders may need additional help with balance, fine motor skills (holding the reins), and following directions.

BalancedEq Lessons

BalancedEq lessons are minimum support classes for riders who can control their horse independently under “normal” circumstances. They are assisted in lessons by a spotter or potentially a horse handler who is in place in case of an emergency. BalancedEq riders are usually beginning to trot their horses with assistance.

EqWellness Lessons

EqWellness riders are able to groom, saddle, and ride their horses independently. Some EqWellness riders can confidently canter their horses and are beginning to navigate shared arenas. These riders could potentially begin riding at a main stream riding center, however, for the time being may need to take instruction in a more structured and individualized environment.

Rider Criteria

  • All B.O.K. Ranch riders must be able to sit up independently on a horse without any type of head, neck, or back support.
  • Riders cannot exhibit any behaviors that would make riding dangerous (i.e., hitting, kicking, biting, screaming).
  • All riders must be able to wear an approved riding helmet, during all lessons.
  • Riders must weigh under 180 lbs.
  • An intake packet including a physician’s release form must be completed before lessons can be scheduled.  A physician’s release is required for all riders.
  • Rider needs to be seizure free for a minimum of 12 months.

Other health restrictions may apply, please contact the office for additional details regarding health and safety rider requirements.


Enrollment process and associated costs are subject to change with notice.