Working side by side in our inclusive riding program with B.O.K. Ranch’s certified instructors and horses are over 100 program volunteers. B.O.K. Ranch staff and volunteers work together to form a vital team that is essential to the success of our riders. Without the help of volunteers, there would be no program; we greatly appreciate the help of our dedicated and caring volunteers!

Volunteers assist with grooming, tacking, preparing students and horses for lessons, and general stable management. During lessons, horse handlers, side walkers, and spotters are needed. While supporting the riders, volunteers also gain valuable horse knowledge, teamwork skills, and a new supportive community.

Prospective volunteers are not required to have horse experience or experience working with those with special needs. The most valuable skills you can bring to B.O.K. Ranch are compassion, an open mind, a willingness to do what is needed, good communication skills, and a positive attitude. Volunteer trainings are held to orient volunteers to B.O.K. Ranch and the horses.

How to get started and join B.O.K. Ranch as a VOLUNTEER:

Step 1- Read the Volunteer Handbook and decide if volunteering is the right fit for you.

Step 2- Fill out the Volunteer Application, save, and email your application as an attachment to volunteercoordinator@bokranch.org

Step 3- Wait for a return email from the Volunteer Coordinator who will send you the current volunteer availability. If your schedule works with the current B.O.K. Ranch availability, the next step is to commit to attending a scheduled Volunteer Orientation. At the orientation you will meet the Volunteer Coordinator, take a tour of B.O.K. Ranch, discuss expectations and learn the necessary skills.

Step 4- If you are a qualified candidate you will then be asked by the Volunteer Coordinator to make the commitment to volunteer 1 time per week for a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks. Want to volunteer more? Awesome! As long as you can be consistent we are happy to have you. Consistency is important for our staff, riders, and horses. It is also important for the volunteers to build strong bonds and have the best experience possible.

Step 5- Start your amazing journey with B.O.K. Ranch as a volunteer!